Smarter Insulation Services

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Glass-Wool Insulation Batts

Glasswool Insulation is generally the cheapest insulation that will achieve some of the highest thermal ratings for most of the insulation materials available. Glasswool Insulation Batts are made of long and resilient glass ?bre, bonded with a thermal setting resin. Glasswool Batts are a superior thermal insulation with excellent sound absorption properties. Manufactured by the advanced and unique rotary ?ame attenuation process, it accomplishes both high performance and economy with ease of installation in either wood or steel stud partition and in ?oor / ceiling system applications.

Earth-Wool Insulation Batts

EarthWool Batts are made from highly resilient, inorganic glass fibres that contain no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colours found in traditional glasswool insulation.

EarthWool Batts provide a cost-effective thermal and acoustical barrier for energy-efficient construction. The batts’ consistent quality, low dust, and clean-cutting resilient wool makes installation fast.

EarthWool Batts can be used in timber and metal frame applications in residential structures. These applications include thermal and acoustical treatments to walls, ceilings and floors.

Polyester Insulation Batts

Poly Batts Polyester Insulation, the soft touch choice, are made from a blend of polyester fibres bonded with a low melt fibre to produce a 100% polyester insulation.

Polyester fibres are made from synthetic polymers known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) - chemical substances found mainly in petroleum.

To reduce landfill, plastic drink bottles are also recycled to produce a portion of the fibres used to manufacture Poly Batts Polyester Insulation.

Cellulose Blown Insulation

Cellulose Insulation has gained its reputation worldwide as the most environmentally friendly insulation and is fast becoming a popular choice for insulating homes.

For every 1% not covered = 5% loss in insulation effectiveness. With its' loose fill properties - cellulose insulation can provide 100% coverage by insuring no gaps in the installation.

  •   Blown In Cellulose Insulation Is:
  •   Fire & Pest Resistant
  •   Manufactured from recycled paper
  •   Great acoustic properties

Glass-Wool Blown Insulation

Blown glasswool is a specialist insulation product for installation in walls and ceilings by approved contractors using a pressurized machine.

As a premium solution, the high performance glasswool expands to fit the required space and provide extremely reliable in-situ performance.

Foil Insulation

Foil insulation insulates against all types of heat transfer: convection, conduction & radiant heat.

This works in two directions: keeping the heat in as well as the summer sun out.

Wall Wrap

Wall Wrap provides an extremely durable barrier that will stand up to the rigours of installation and acts as a second skin sealing out wind driven rain, salt laden air, lead polluted air, damp, drafts, heat and high humidity.

Insulation Removal

Our technicians are fully protected with all the proper equipment to carefully remove all your old or loose insulation. Once removed, any remaining batts of insulation are removed by hand and bagged. Once completed, everything is vacuumed again right down to the drywall or your existing vapour barrier, leaving behind only empty space ready for you to carry out the next phase of your project.

Remember; call the professionals to do this work. We can save you money and alot of back-breaking time and effort.


Energy Evaluation

Allow us to quickly and efficiently show you the best ways to start using less energy in your home or business.